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From Friends & Colleagues
Albert B. Sabin:
“Leide - to have known you is not to have lived in vain - Albert, "

Maurice Ravel:
“I like your name Manoah so much I can never forget it."

On Leide's Music
Karel B. Jarek, Narodni Osvobozeni - Prague:
“The orchestra of the Czech Philharmony was conducted. . . by Manoah Leide-Tedesco, an Italian musician. A doubtless talent of conduting which imposes its will on the orchestra, a sound sense of music, and skilled hands that deserve attention. Best performed were the first two numbers of the program, the sharp overture of Wolf Ferrari and one of the little known Vivald's concerts for string instruments. Here especially was the conductor's performance very beautiful and the whole evening was a success."

Antonio Procida, Il Mattino, June 30, 1927:
“The concerts given in foreign countries by Mascagni and Molinari have recently been followed my Manoah Leide-Tedeco. New important works by our contemporary composers have had the premiers under his baton. We fully agree with the unanimous praise of the critics, for we know that it is only Leide-Tedeco's rare talent combined with profound understanding that accounts for his brilliant success."

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WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. Department of Interior:
 “Manoah Leide-Tedcsco looked at the cultural scene from the broad perspective of a social scientist. His own statement of the place of the Fine Arts makes the point: 'The great mass of the American people is awakening to the realization that the Fine Arts play a most important part in the molding of American life artistically, socially and economically.’”
MINNESOTA: University of Minnesota
"Mr. Leide-Tedesco' s views are liberal enough so that they satisfied the great majority of the political biases; his background is profound enough so that it satisfied the scholars and his enthusiasm was so catching that he inevitably drew students to him. He was one of the most popular of the lecturers. In his lectures he so knitted together the arts and the social sciences that. Cultural movements were presented as natural outgrowths of the society in which they were bred."
IOWA: Des Moines Public Forums
“One of the most successful forum leaders that the Des Moines Public Forums ever engaged. He provoked discussion and handled the discussion period with great finesse. His mastery of the subject matter and his own enthusiasm for the ideas he presents combined to make a tremendous impact upon his hearers. No one we have had could surpass him in his ability to arouse interest in the subject presented.”
MISSOURINorthwest Missouri State Teachers College
“Mr. Tedesco’s address was unusual in two respects: first, it was a scholarly comparison of Italian and American culture and values; and second, it was well presented. His pleasing and modest manner, his good humor, and timely subject brought a cordial reception from both students and faculty.”
WISCONSIN: Milwaukee Public Forums
"We found Mr. Leide-Todesco one of the most popular lecturers of the year. He impressed one with his scholarship, sense of humor and superior ability to simplify the Arts. His work here met with phenomenal success."
ILLINOIS: George Williams College, Chicago
"We seldom have a speaker who is as universally accepted as Mr. Tedesco was in his presentation of 'The Arts as a Medium for World Unity.' His topic was presented so exceptionally well that I still hear students discussing it. A philosophy that rises above the petty policies, hates, and prejudices of this hour in our history is refreshing and stimulating in a very real sense."
MISSOURI: state Teachers College, Maryville
The boundless optimism and charm of Manoah Leide-Tedesco were as good a spring tonic as our audience could ever ask for, and they loved it. No speaker of recent date has created the stir of after­oonversati0n among the listeners as did this eloquent personality."
MICHIGAN: Fine Arts Institute, Kalamazoo
"He proved himself a master in information, experience, psychology, and logic.

NEW YORK: Dr. E. J. Stringham, Columbia University:
“There is no doubt in my mind as to Mr. Leide-Tedesco’s sincerity of purpose and his zealousness to carry out his ideals."