J. Edgar Chenoweth
Antal Dorati
Leo Janacek
Karel Boleslav Jirak
Alois Lecoque
Rosa Raisa
Emanuel Romano
Albert B. Sabin
M. Costelnuovo-Tedesco  

Henry Hadley
Karel Boleslav Jirak
Mario Lanza
Rosa Raisa
Maurice Ravel
Eugene Ysaye

Letters and Correspondence

Manoah Leide-Tedesco treasured his contacts with family, friends, artists, musicians, intellectuals -- even business aquaintences. He kept virtually every correspondence his received. There is no telling what has been lost or destroyed over the years, but vast array of Manoah's letters and correspondence have been saved and are currently going through the painstaking task of archiving.

Once this archiving is complete, many of the letters, postcards, photos, programs, sheet music and autographed materials will either be sold at auction or privately; donated to appropriate universities, institutes, museums or conservatories; or distributed amongst appropriate family  members.

A short list of correspondent names and dignataries include: Karel Jirak, Alois Lecoque, Rosa Raisa, Emanuel Romano, Albert Sabin, Josef Suk, etc. etc.