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Op. 1           Trio for Strings

Op.  2          Cycle of Songs for Soprano

Op.  3          Serenade for Play "La Cena delle Beffe” for Bariton and Viola

Op.  4          Romance for Violin and Piano

Op.  5          Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (unfinished)

Op.  6          Chansonette Francaise for Orchestra

Op.  7-8       Two Compositions for Violin and Orchestra

Op.  9-10     Two Violin Soloe from Scarlatti

Op.  11-14   Wood Wind Quintets (two books)

Op.  15         "Asturias" for Symphony Orchestra.

Op.  16         Preludes for Pianoforte (3)

            Symphonic Scoping of Bach:

Op.  17         Prelude No. XXIV

Op.  18         Fugue No. VIII

Op.  19         Prelude of Dances for Symphony Orchestra

Op.  20         Exotic Melodies from South America

Op. 21         Sonata for Violin and Pianoforte

Op. 22         Sonata di Siciliano per Pianoforte

Op. 23         Quartetto ad Arch!

Op. 24         Concerto a Quattro con Fagotto

Op. 25         Homage a Mahler - Violin and Orchestra

Op. 26         Sonata for Oboe and Pionoforte

Op. 27         Symphony on Greek Tragedy (in preparation)