Early American

Hudson River School


John Brewster Jr.
George Innesse

Alois Lecoque
Emanuel Leutze
Giambattista Pittoni
Joseph Moser
Emanuel Romano
Jan Spaan

Paintings and Drawings

Taking more than seventy years to assemble, the Leide-Tedesco Collection of oil paintings spans five hundred years of European and American fine art. It is composed of four distinct periods, twelve catagories, and displays seventeen major schools of art, executed by no less than twenty museum artists, including six masters.

The collection includes paintings from: the late Renaissance, Early American portraits and landscapes, the Hudson River School, American Indian, Impressionist, Abstract, Cubism as well as others.

Many of the works of art in the collection are personally signed and ascribed by the artist to their friend, Manoah Leide-Tedesco. Manoah was personal friends with many of the artists who he collected including: Alois Lecoque, Emmanuel Romano, Glicenstein and others.

Many of the earlier works are attributed to such famous names as: late Renaissance painter Giambattista Pittoni; early American painters Zedekiah Belknap, John Brewster Jr. and Emanuel Leutze (who painted the infamous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware); landscape painter George Innesse; and many others.

Sculpture and Antiquities

The collection contains many fine examples of sculpture 'de art and ancient antiquities ranging from ancient roman coins, to early Mayan culture clay figurines to Byzantine church ornaments, to Roman Catholic medallions, Jewish artifacts, to contemporary sculptures.