Welcome to the Leide-Tedesco Collection website. This site was established to memorialize the art, music and talent of Maestro Tranquillo Manoah Leide-Tedesco and share a small part of his life and his Collection with others who might appreciate its intrinsic, artistic and historical value.

Leide-Tedesco was a violinist, pianist, composer, conductor, artist, lecturer, critic, intellectual and patron of the arts. He spoke five languages and traveled the world in his studies as an artist/composer and as a lecturer/teacher of cultural art appreciation. He was born in Sinigaglia, Italy in 1894, came to the US for the first time in 1912, became a US citizen in 1932 and, in 1982, died in the California home of his beloved niece Bella.

Leide-Tedesco was known by his many talents and by his many names. Letters from friends, family and collegues refer to him at various times in his life as: Manoah, Leide, Tran, Tranquillo, Ted, Teddy, Maestro, and of course Zio.

       World-Traveled Artist, Collector and Patron

Throughout his life Manoah demonstrated not only his own creative talents and abilities, but his great appreciation of the artistry of others as well. His keen insight and knowledge of the cultural arts was well known and sought by many art patrons across the world.

His critical eye and extensive international contacts allowed him to amass an enormous collection of art, music and literature that would be the envy of any fine museum, academy or institution. With his beloved wife Regina he traveled the world in search of great cultural treasures -- and from their beautiful cottage home located in the art community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, many times the world came to him. As a friend to many fine artists, musicians, intellectuals, scientists, and world leaders, Monoah Leide-Tedesco entertained and corresponded with them all and saved many of his correspondence.

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