The above painting and drawing of  Zio and Bella were done by
noted artist Emanuel Glicenstein Romano, a close friend of Zio.


ZioBella & Associates, Inc.

ZioBella & Associates was formed to represent the familial heirs of Manoah Leide-Tedesco or Zio (italian for uncle) and his niece Bella (italian for great or beautiful) and to assist in the promotion and dispersal of the Leide-Tedesco Collection to the appropriate individuals or institutions.

The Leide-Tedesco collection -- currently being catalogued and inventoried -- consists of an extensive volume of artwork; rare books and manuscripts; sheet music and original compositions of Leide-Tedesco and others; numerous photographs, photo-postcards, and musical programs signed by notable conductors, composers and musicians of the late 19th and early 20th century; as well as personal correspondence with well-known figures in the art, music, science and political professions.

Only a fraction of the collection has been catalogued. It is a time-consuming task of enormous proportions. Only a small portion of the collection will be available for viewing online at any time. 

For a limited time, parts of the collection will be offered for public auction. private sale, and/or bequeathed to the most appropriate individuals or institutions as determined by their familial, artistic or historical significance.

Interested parties may contact curator@ziobella.com